Russian amazonite 8 mm bracelet

Russian amazonite 8 mm bracelet




Connects to the    Heart chakra and 

                               Throat chakra


Affirmation for Heart Chakra

'I am guided by love and compassion.'


Affirmation of Throat Chakra

'I speak my truth and live authentically.'



  • 8 mm genuine Russian amazonite round beads
  • Grade A 
  • Double stretchy cord
  • Comes with handmade holder
  • Beautifully wrapped/info card
  • First Class delivery



Stone of hope. A vivid beautiful green amazonite looks like just a dream.Russian amazonite is a type of amazonite and only found in Russia.

Helps to overcome setbacks.Clears away fears , doubts and worries. Brings positivity , optimism and hope. Encourages adventures, love, inspiration, luck and fortune.



Crystal healing part of the alternative medicine.Crystals used for centuries for healing all around the world.All informations based on beliefs and theories.