Red Carnelian 8 mm bracelet

Red Carnelian 8 mm bracelet




Connects to the 


Root Chakra


'I am secure, grounded and fearless.'


Sacral Chakra


'I am passionate, positive and creative.'


Solar Plexus Chakra


'I am strong, confident and I am enough.'



  • 8 mm genuine carnelian round beads, 
  • Grade A 
  • Double stretchy cord
  • Comes with handmade holder
  • Beautifully wrapped/info card
  • First Class delivery

Beautiful carnelian connects to root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Brings inner peace and creativity into your life. Perfect choice to balance your chakras specially ROOT chakra. Root chakra relates to :stability, energy, comfort and safety.If unbalanced you feel anxious, unstable, fear, weight issues. If you feel need to balance your root chakra please don’t hesitate to try the power of crystals. 




Crystal healing part of the alternative medicine.Crystals used for centuries for healing all around the world.All informations based on beliefs and theories.