Our beautiful crystal bracelet checks two important boxes;
style and spirituality

At Fibeda we love crystals

And though our cultural obsession with crystals may seem recent, it's not.

Ours is a long love affair, stretching back millions of years into the past when Sumerians first used to brew their magical healing potions.

Nervous sailors once carried aquamarine it across vast, uncharted seas; the ancient Egyptians used chrysolite to combat night terrors and purge evil spirits.Aztecs wore turquoise amulets to impart strength and healing--- nothing about our love for crystals is particularly new.

We have always needed them, and they have always been here.

Image by Paul Wong

Cleansing and charging

Do nothing without intention

Here is a little peek into the goings-on happening behind the scenes every time we receive an order.

Every bracelet is made to order--we do not carry stock.

We fly into action the minute you hit "check out." First thing's first; your beads are carefully selected and then place into a Himalayan salt bath. After wash off any residues with spring water. This is to ensure they are free of any residues and trapped energy what they carried in a way to us.

Having enjoyed a good, long soak, the beads are ready to join together and form your wished bracelet.

When we are happy and satisfied with the outcomes, we place them in a selenite bowl for a night.The will emerge re-charged, awakens and nearly ready to meet you.

Now for the pre-posting sage-smoke , which sees all crystals well-and-truly cleansed of any bad energy and ready to make their way to you.